Career Summary

Experienced full-stack developer with more than 4 years of experience in the design, planning and implementation of web and mobile apps primarily using Ruby on Rails and React. Comfortable in an Agile/Scrum environment and adept at Cloud infrastructure design, primarily in AWS.

Work Experience

Web Developer

December 2019 - Current
  • The Professional Group - Updated Commission Ace desktop application to dynamically calculate commissions to disburse to agents and brokers. Application is written in Electron JS, React and Redux. Updated and redeployed the backend of the application written in MongoDB.
  • FaceRate - Developed hybrid (React Native) mobile application for both Android and IOS. Features custom authentication, live chat and multiple picture feeds. Allows users to take pictures and upload them to the app for others to view and interact with, sending notifications to others. Includes a leaderboard feature which displays the most popular users. Created with AWS Amplify, Cognito, DynamoDB, GraphQL(AWS AppSync) and S3.
  • PolyCade - Made several updates to PolyCade user interface including adding a Wi-Fi controls improving the flow of how the administrative backend functions. Analyzed database to generate reports of how much revenue various playlists were generating. Reviewed code as part of an agile team. Currently in the process of implementing player accounts and player specific functionality.

Technologies used:

  • React
  • React Native
  • Redux
  • Mongo DB
  • Electron JS
  • AWS Amplify

Web Developer

Alberta Motor
June 2015 - January 2019
  • Developed and maintained and a suite of 14 Ruby on Rails web applications serving AMA’s almost 1 million members, including an insurance quote app, a vehicle registration auto renewal app, Road Reports, a driver education registration app, along with various other apps.
  • Utilized AWS services (EC2, RDS, S3) to deploy highly available and scalable applications to production, and wrote Ansible Scripts to build the infrastructure to use such services
  • Built a custom mobile application for iOS/Android app using React Native for the frontend and built the Serverless backend using AWS services such as Lambda (NodeJS), Appsync, DynamoDB, Firehose and Kinesis
  • Maintained and Improved an OAuth2 authentication provider that created a single point of authentication for all of AMA's membership apps
  • Implemented a React JS shopping cart app that interacts with other React JS Point of Sale apps.
  • Was part of on-call rotation, diagnosing and resolving issues with the websites for a 24 hours/day for a week at a time.
  • Followed a continuous integration/continuous delivery workflow to deliver frequent and reliable production deployments.
  • Participated in pair programming with team members and gave code reviews using Github.

Rails Tech stack:

  • Ruby on Rails/PostgresSQL
  • jQuery/CoffeeScript
  • Handlebars
  • Rspec
  • Git
  • AWS EC2/RDS/ElastiCache (Redis)

React Tech stack:

  • React JS / React Native
  • DynamoDB (NoSQL)
  • AWS AppSync / GraphQL
  • AWS Cognito
  • Jest
  • AWS Amplify / VS AppCenter

Other Technologies used:

  • Node.js (AWS Lambda)
  • Cloudformation / Serverless / SAM
  • CodePipeline
  • Elastic Beanstalk
  • API Gateway
  • S3/Cloudfront(static webpages)
  • Kinesis/Pinpoint
  • F5 / AWS WAF&Shield
  • AWS Systems Manager (patching)
  • Datadog / CloudWatch
  • Rollbar


July 2014 - December 2014
  • Developed internal company site to serve as central repository for company documentation and policy, used by EDC board members, 10 employees and dozens of volunteers
  • Implemented interface for entering company policy information that automates policy numbering
  • Designed custom printable templates for various digital manuals using CSS.
  • Engineered employee training software that presents information and administers quizzes to employees and volunteers, and allows their progress to be monitored.

Technologies used:

  • Confluence
  • Ruby on Rails


  • Bachelor of Science: Computer Science
    University of Alberta



  • Proficiency with modern web standards such as HTML5, CSS3 and ECMAScript
  • Experience with React Native to create custom mobile applications on Android/iOS
  • Experience with server-side javascript via NodeJS and its surrounding ecosystem such as Yarn, Babel and Webpack.
  • Proficiency with frontend CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap and ZURB Foundation and as well as client side libraries such as jQuery.
  • Experience with CoffeeScript and JavaScript templating such as Handlebars
  • Familiar with standard development techniques such as responsive design, AJAX and RESTful design

Ruby on Rails

  • Experience writing self-documenting code that conforms to the Ruby style guide. and passes metric tools such as Rubocop and Cane
  • Experience testing via RSpec and maximizing my code test coverage with Simplecov.
  • Experience developing custom Gems and deploying to RubyGems.
  • Understanding of various application servers such as Unicorn, Puma and Phusion Passenger in a production setting.
    • Favorite gems:
    • Decent Exposure
    • Draper
    • Simple Forms
    • HAML
    • Dotenv Rails
    • Pry
    • Better Errors


  • Practical and theoretical understanding of relational database concepts and design.
  • Experience modelling efficient database designs from scratch using ER-Diagrams.
    • Proficient in:
    • PostgreSQL
    • MySQL
    • NoSQL (DynamoDB)

Other Skills

  • Linux
  • MacOS
  • Java
  • C
  • DevOps
  • Code Review
  • Git
  • Unit/Integration Testing
  • WordPress